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Feb 14, 2017

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Hospital patient Emergency treatment will continue to be provided and invoiced later. The announcement from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt comes amid recent headlines about the cost of tourists using the NHS. A BBC documentary, Hospital, showed a number of foreign patients unable to pay their bills. Hospitals are already supposed to charge patients living outside the European Economic Area for care such as hip operations or cataract removal, but this can be done by invoice, rather than upfront. Details of treatment given to visitors from EEA countries should be forwarded to the Department of Health so the costs can be recouped from their governments. But earlier last week, MPs on the Public Accounts Committee said the system for recovering costs from foreign visitors was "chaotic". Mr Hunt said: "We have no problem with overseas visitors using our NHS - as long as they make a fair contribution, just as the British taxpayer does." The health secretary said the aim was to recover up to 500m a year by the middle of this Parliament to reinvest in the NHS. A report by the National Audit Office last October suggested that money raised next year would fall far short of this target. 'Largest' unpaid bill A Nigerian woman owes 330,000 after giving birth prematurely to quadruplets in a west London hospital. Priscilla, whose case was highlighted in the BBC documentary Hospital , was taken ill on a flight home from the US and ended up in St Mary's A&E, after her plane stopped over at Heathrow Airport.

The imperfect drawing representing something mathematically exact. View photos Photo credit: DDUGOFF More The color palate is muted light colors paired with a dark saturated relative-light blue with navy, faded oxblood with deep inky wine, camel with morel. The dark colors are scribbled over the lighter ones. I'm especially excited about the embroidered pockets on the shirts that are drawings of the inside of a torus-what a hollow donut would look like if you could peer inside. The pieces with this embroidery perfectly embody clothes that you can wear all the time, that you feel you should already own, with details that you've never seen before. On the challenges facing young designers: I could go on and on about how difficult it is to vie for the attention of buyers, press, factories, customers But the biggest challenge is making products that are at once exciting and normal. It's a design challenge to excite customers-or buyers or press or factories-enough to believe in investing in a young brand. When everyone knows they can get basics from mass-market brands for next to nothing, young brands need to be clear about their value. Being "new" isn't enough. But I also feel that being overly heavy-handed with storytelling often comes across as insincere. I think it's clear through my clothes how much I care about the little things that make menswear special, and that the clothes feel like they can effortlessly become a part of your daily life.

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In this handout photograph released by Tandem Communications 2, 2017 photo, Anjali Lama, a transgender model from Nepal, walks the ramp at the Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai, India. Growing up as the fifth son in a poor farming family in rural Nepal the dream to be a fashion model came late in life. First came a long, painful struggle to accept that he felt deeply female. It was a chance encounter with a group of transgender women that turned Lama's life around by putting her in touch with the Blue Diamond Society, an advocacy group for Nepal's LGBT community. In 2005 she came out to her friends and family as a transgender woman. (Photo: Rafiq Maqbool AP) 7 CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN COMMENTEMAILMORE NEW DELHI It was her big moment. Anjali Lama sashayed down the catwalk in the swanky Mumbai auditorium. A fitted, cream dress highlighted her tall, slender frame. Her pulled-back hair showed off her high cheekbones. Modeling at Lakme Fashion Week often seemed like a dream far beyond her reach, but Lama has become the first transgender woman to model at one of the top events on India's fashion calendar and one sponsored by a top Indian cosmetics brand.

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